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The aim of the  ibn alhaitham journal for pure and Applied science  (IHJPAS) is to provide an international forum for the publication and dissemination of original work that contributes to the understanding of the main and related disciplines of science and technology. 

ibn alhaitham journal for pure and Applied science  (IHJPAS) published three issues per year peer-reviewed online and print journal, which publishes innovative research papers, literature review and technical notes dealing with numerous disciplines covered from science and technology.



3 Issues per Year

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pure and applied Science, Mathematics, Computer SCIENCE, Chemistry, Biology and   Physics,  other related applications

  ISSN-print                  :  1609-4042

  ISSN-online                :  2521-3407

Vol 30 No 2 (2017)

Published: 2017-09-25

Preparation and Characterization of the Complex Attuplgite-polyazo m-phenelen p-kresole as a Composite nano Material

Alla Abdulkareem Ibrahim, Takialdin Abdulhadi Himdan, Yousif Ibrahim MohammedAbuzaid


Preparation and Characterization of A New Nano-scaled Material Composed of Bentonite-Polyethylenglycophthalate

Omer Kareem Nagim, Takialdin Abdulhadi Himdan, Yousif Ibrahim Mohammed Abuzaid


Synthesis of Some New Heterocyclic Fused Rings Compounds Based on 5-Aryl-1,3,4-Oxadiazole

Zahra Mohammed Abbas, Dhuha Faruq Hussain, Raied Mustafa Shakir


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